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Rated 5 out of 5
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Rated 5 out of 5
July 23, 2022

went rly fast and the boost takes the job he’s doing really seriously, can recommend


++ service

Rated 5 out of 5
June 8, 2022

Arkmerchant was the best lost ark service I’ve tried so far, got only good things to say

About Lost Ark Skill Points Boost

Level up your Lost Ark Skill Points

Skill points are among the most important and fundamental elements in the Lost ark. Without skill points you will not have access to endgame builds and your damage will be negatively affected as well. Getting skill points is an extremely long and tedious process as it requires quests, collectibles, mini boss and other hidden storylines. Of course you can just skip the insanely long grind with the help of our boosters who have complete knowledge and several runs aimed at getting the maximum skillpoints. With our help you will be instantly ready for all the lost ark content. This package is aimed at those who want to be able to compete and be relevant in the Lost Ark endgame without having to waste hundreds of hours with quests and boring grinds. Of all the elements of the game, skillpoints are essential and mandatory for all the content in the game since they are the only way to access endgame builds and boost your damage more than gear.

How long does leveling Skill Points take?

Since the time needed to get Skillpoints Revolves around your current character progress, be sure to clarify it with our support in the chat, we will always tryhard as much as possible to do it as soon as possible.

How leveling Skill Points work?

• Use the slide to select your needed amount of Skillpoints, every Potion gives a minimum of 3 Skillpoints to 6+

• This kind of boosting service is done through account share since its can’t be done as Selfplay.

• You can watch the booster doing your demanded service with our streaming service or simply get reports from us.

• All gold, resources, and equipment received during the boost will be saved on your character.

• If for any reason at any point you would like to stop the ongoing boost just contacts us on the website and we will calculate a fair price from where we stopped.

• For any doubts or question simply ask the manager in the chat.


• 50+ character level.

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A few hours
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