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Excellent service no hassle at all

Rated 5 out of 5
June 5, 2022

The service is great and I’m happy I choose them for my lost ark order

About Shadespire Tower Boost

About Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost

The Shadespire tower is one of the lost ark contents to be played in SOLO, the rewards you will have access to are great such as the Skillpoints potio that is a must have, also after you 1 completion you can complete the tower again with your alts to get a huge number of mats which will allow you to reach your main quickly. The tower consists of 50 floors and the level of difficulty increases with increasing floors, moreover each set of floors requires a certain item level, often you can get stuck in a floor for a long time and this drastically slows down your progression. We have the solution for any fatespire tower related problem, our boosters with thousands of runs will complete all 50 floors in the shortest amount of time so you can enjoy the fantastic rewards.We do have the more experienced boosters in this kind of content they do also have a record for speed-running both Towers if you seek a way to get the rewards ASAP this is the package for you.

How long does Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost take?

The time required to all 50 floors of the Tower of Destiny is from 2 hours to 1 or 2days. The total clear time depending on your selected option, please check this information with our support before purchasing.

How does Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost work?

• 0) Select the floors of the tower you need to complete. Please remember that to enter specific floors, you need to have the request level of equipment

• This kind of service can be provided only with account sharing. After paying for the order, our manager will inform you for the booster availability in order to proceed we will need your account login and password

• You can watch the booster doing your demanded service with our streaming service or simply get reports from us

• All gold, materials and equipment received during the boost will be saved on your character

• If for any reason at any point you would like to stop the ongoing boost just contacts us on the website and we will calculate a fair price from where we stopped

• For any doubts or question simply ask the manager in the chat

What are the Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost rewards?

• Silver and gold

• Engraving recipes

• Potions of skill points

• Resources needed to hone equipment

• Various items and resources to upgrade your character

Completion time
A few hours
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