01 General

02 Ordering Process

Can I make changes to my order?

We can make any adjustment you wish during or before the completion of the order.

How can I register on Arkmerchant.com?

Your brand new account with credentials will be automatically created for you after you’ve made your first purchase.

03 Boosting Options

04 Boosting Process

How long does my order take?

Every order takes a different amount of time which is presented to you on the product page and also in the members area. If you’re still unsure – simply contact us at any time and we’ll give you an update almost immediately.

Will my account settings be changed during piloting?

No, we do not change any settings of your personal preference nor use any currency on the account when providing piloting services.

Can I use my Lost Ark account during the piloting process?

You may if you wish but first you should contact us via live chat or customer support, we’ll be able to make adjustments so there wouldn’t be any conflicting logins.

05 Your information

06 Partnerships